How Does It Work?

Nakkara turns your 2D image (photo, sketch, or line drawing) into a 3D printed, physical object. We do this by using AI (with some human help) to extrapolate from the image you give us to an entire 3D object, and then print it. While we can do this from a single image, the more images you provide (from different angles), the better the result.

Just go to the Shop to upload your image(s), specify the dimensions, and place your order. Your item will ship in about a week.

Images should conform to the following rules:

  • Images should be of a single object:

  • Images should be on a monochrome background (preferably white or contrasting):

  • Images should be clear, with sharply defined edges:

  • Images should not have fine detail:

  • People and animals should be more cartoonish and less realistic:

  • When uploading multiple images, objects should be presented from different angles, but in the same pose or orientation:

  • Nakkara will reject images that are obviously trademarked or copyrighted by someone other than you, as well as images that would generally be deemed inappropriate (e.g. of a sexual or violent nature).